Waist Beads


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Made of Premium Czech Beads, stones and gems.
Choose from our Tie-On or Stretch Band.

Tie-on bands are more permanent, you have to cut them off once tied on. Benefits of this is as you gain weight, beads will become tighter and "force" you to not over stuff yourself when eating, helping to maintain weight over time. The goal is for them to start off at the top of your waist, and fall toward your belly as you lose your waist!

Stretch bands are able to come on and off daily, and can be more fashionable. You will also be able to notice your weight change by monitoring where the beads sit at your waist over time.


Waist Beads – NV Tie-On Collection, Waist Beads – NV Stretch Collection, Waist Beads – 2 for $25 Stretch Collection


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